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terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2011

Anime Yaoi (Synopsis)

Helena - My loves, I have a mega super news for you!
Bell - We ....~.~'
Helena - Gomen, gomen xD ..... but you guys know that anime is that subtitles are in English so bookmark "the name of anime + USA" is not it? It is just to not confuse with subtitles in Portuguese, the same things are worth pros manga ^ ^
Bell - Anyone problem, contact us for our e-mail, Well, you know that the anime Nenah love? yeah, she likes everyone, but the main thing!

Helena - I heard that o.o
Bell - kkkk 'not reisiti!
Helena - Finally .... uu ..... I found an anime that was made by the same author who made Junjou romantica .... his name is Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, it is as Junjou wonderful .... .... but, well, still being translated and we'll have to wait one week for each new episode ....
Bell - But since then, we brought those already released ..... probably all a second new episode will be going on here ..... if we delay is why there are late tbm uu
Helena - Without further ado, the blurb!

Bell - Hi, hi .... as JR, Sekai Ichi something ~.~', account three different stories that are absurdly interconnected ......

Helena - Hatsukoi Sekai-ichi, is a work of mangaka Shungiku Nakamura, the author of the successful Junjou Romantica. hehe.

Bell - tells the story of when Onodera youngest fell in love with another student in your school.

Helena - Our friend Onodera will end up in the midst of a plot of the destination to which it will resume where it left off from his novel, but now he is no longer young and did not love her.

Bell - who will be able to resist their beautiful memories of the time?

Helena - We have two other stories about the colleagues Onodera-kun, our beloved and our dear Tori Kisa ....

Bell - Well, that's basically it ... if you talk more spoils, have fun!

Helena - AAh, and as promised, I am putting the episodes for you is that the foreigner can have fun with us!

Bell - Kisses

Helena - bye bye


00 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

01 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

02 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

03 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

04 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

05 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

06 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

07 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

08 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

09 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

10 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

11 Episode
(Megaupload) Download

12 Episode [End]
(Megaupload) Download

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